Build fully featured web mapping apps in hours

illustreets turns location data into Lego bricks

illustreets extracts value from data. It takes raw numbers and uses them to build market-ready, beautiful, intuitive, interactive maps and reports for commercial sale, web applications or internal use.

Find the value in your data

With illustreets PublisherTM you build fully featured mapping apps in hours

Build bespoke location intelligence tools from your data. Create stunning interactive reports that empower users to explore the data themselves.

All from your browser. No coding required. Fast. Simple. Secure.

What will you build?
Build data products

Build custom, market-ready products from spatial data

Build market-ready products from spatial data. Interactive maps to drive decisions, enrich market data and generate insights:

  • Create complete data mapping software products in hours
  • Enable users to extract understanding from spatial analysis
  • Develop different versions for different audiences
  • Generate revenue from your location data

Sell licences or access to your apps. Package as part of a consultancy service.

Use interactive maps to add value to your existing business. Simply slice, dice, style and share.

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Build intelligent business

Build a better business with data-driven decisions

Build a better business with data-driven decisions. Develop your own spatial business intelligence:

  • Build a spatial analytics platform tailored to you
  • Visualise supply lines, locations, resource allocation
  • Create intuitive, interactive, impactful stakeholder reports
  • Access from anywhere, on any device, with enterprise security

Take multiple datasets from multiple sources. Explore, filter and intersect with on-the-fly reporting. Let your users make deep discoveries with just point and click.

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Build impactful reports

Visually stunning, interactive and immediately understandable reports

Build visually stunning, interactive and immediately understandable reports, to build better relations with clients and stakeholders:

  • Create and share reports in minutes
  • Demonstrate insights, not just results
  • Enable recipients to explore themselves
  • Securely manage access

Take dry data and turn it into easy to interpret, beautiful to look at, interactive map-based reports, and empower users to dive into the data and extract information themselves.

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