Collaborative location intelligence

Allow a wide spectrum of users in the organization and beyond to collaborate on data analysis and maps. Teams can work together on business reports. Enable secure edits of your datasets through our participatory mapping functionality.

  • Share data and visualisations, for others to use in their apps.
  • Open data for collaborative edits, with full audit and control.
  • Enable domain experts and business users to work together.

Enhance decision-making through collaborative location intelligence

The world of data-driven decision-making calls for an immersive and integrated environment where teams can interact with data, share insights, and build powerful spatial intelligence applications. Welcome to illustreets, the platform that bridges the gap between individual contributors and fosters a seamless collaborative experience.

Share and collaborate effectively

On illustreets, multiple analysts can work on projects simultaneously, enhancing productivity, and promoting a culture of collective intelligence. Users can share not just data but also the rich visualizations, maps, charts, tables, and stories created from it. This feature allows teams to work together towards a common understanding and make well-informed decisions.

Participate in collaborative data editing

illustreets opens up new avenues for data interaction with the feature of frontend collaborative data editing. With strict rules and permissions, frontend users can contribute to the data editing process directly. It adds an extra layer of human insight to raw data, making the results more nuanced and context-specific.

Create user groups for granular access control

illustreets enables publishers to create and organize users into different groups based on their roles, departments, or other criteria, ensuring an effective delegation of tasks and access rights. This granular access control allows for more targeted collaboration and information sharing among team members.

Enrich your data stories with team inputs

Our platform lets you create dynamic data stories that combine static text with values derived from the data, using HTML with data placeholders and helpers. Teams can use these stories to communicate complex data in an accessible, narrative form, making them ideal for presentations, reports, and knowledge sharing.

Develop and share comprehensive dashboards

With illustreets, users can create spatial apps and analytical dashboards that combine layers, charts, tables, and stories for a holistic view of the data. These apps and dashboards can be shared among team members, fostering a collaborative environment where insights and observations can be discussed and refined collectively.

Transform your data landscape

Whether you’re a GIS expert, a data analyst, or a business professional, our platform makes it easy for you to create and deploy spatial intelligence apps. Go from source data to production apps smoothly and efficiently, and watch as your data comes alive in ways you’ve never seen before.

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What our clients say

illustreets — a world-class product that outperforms industry giants, coupled with personalized service” and “a group of intelligent and friendly individuals to work alongside”. “We have only scratched the surface of the potential [it] provides and it’s been a great experience using it”.

illustreets has played an integral part in helping us build our SaaS platform for Terravault.

They worked collaboratively with us to develop tools and functionality that enhanced our product. In addition to their expertise, they are a group of intelligent and friendly individuals to work alongside.

Vicki Burch-Vasquez, GIS Manager
Vicki Burch-Vasquez, GIS Manager
Cude Engineers, USA

It’s not often one comes across a company like illustreets — a world-class product…

…that outperforms industry giants, coupled with personalized service that allows product customization to allow exploration of new markets.

Village Infrastructure Angels has combined its knowledge and illustreets to deliver world class infrastructure mapping and planning services that, to the best of our knowledge, has no comparable competition, resulting in repeat work captured for both companies from respected institutions like the World Bank, Inter-American Development Bank and many others.

It has been a sheer delight to work with the illustreets team, and I look forward to many more years of collaboration that can result in more infrastructure being built to help the world’s poorest 1-2 billion people, and probably saving governments and donors billions of dollars via large-scale innovative design.

Stewart Craine, CEO
Stewart Craine, CEO
Village Infrastructure Angels, UK

We replaced spreadsheets of coordinates and calculation tables with illustreets.

Our business is selling equipment, which brings least cost electrification out to hard to reach areas, so we took our geospatial plannning data and plotted it in illustreets.

It became quickly apparent to our partners that they could make massive savings by setting up decentralised clusters of mesh-grids vs. more traditional centralised solutions. They were able to show this to other engineers and management in their organization and quickly we were able to move to supplying equipment and getting more power to the people.

We have only scratched the surface of the potential illustreets provides and it’s been a great experience using it. Highly recommended easy UX - quick leap to visualising GIS data.

Afnan Hannan, CEO
Afnan Hannan, CEO
Okra Solar, Australia

illustreets has provided an unmatched ability to build on large and complex datasets…

…to not only make our data visually beautiful but to present complex data as simple and easy to understand dynamic stories to our clients. This is particularly important to us when dealing with highly technical data to enable non-technical clients the ability to easily understand and navigate their way through the GIS apps, without getting lost in a mass of data and information. Previous solutions we had worked with lacked this final piece of the puzzle.

In addition, the SQL engine within illustreets is unrivaled in it’s ease of use - as a relative novice in SQL language, it was easy to get to grips with utilising some of the power of this engine using their simple and user friendly SQL query builder GUI and later move into more advanced queries with the SQL editor.

The support illustreets has provided throughout has been first class and always met with quick responses, even when the support requested has not necessarily been related to illustreets platform!

Sam Andrews
Sam Andrews
Andrews Consulting, Australia