Make a product from your data

With illustreets Publisher™ you build beautiful, fast, and usable mapping applications in-house

illustreets Publisher™ is a time and cost-effective geospatial SaaS solution. It takes only a fraction of the time compared to creating a mapping application from scratch. Just upload your datasets, then it's all point and click from there: granular user access control, filterable layers, advanced interaction settings, and widget-rich dynamic reports.

Explore UK is built with it...

Outstanding user experience

illustreets Publisher™ makes it easy to amaze your users

Happy users, better business. Here are some reasons why they will love your apps

Usability across devices

Desktop, tablet, or phone, the apps on illustreets Publisher are highly usable on screens of all sizes. Oh, well, maybe not on smart watches...

Speed and responsiveness

From the admin interface to apps and layers, from pop-ups to report widgets, everything is carefully engineered with performance in mind.

No interface clutter

Too many options means unhappy users. The system is designed to reduce to a minimum the user's cognitive load, without losing functionality.

Your data, even more useful

With so many possibilities for exploration and interactivity, you can help your users make the most of your data, with minimal effort.

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Where to live in England

Where to live in England

The successor of our highly successful app, Explore England. Multiple filterable layers, map pop-ups, location reports.

Crime rates in England

Crime rates in England

An app for exploring the anti-social behaviour and crime rates in England. Data available as layers, pop-ups, reports.

House prices in London

House prices in London

The market in London has been booming for the last few years. This is an app that helps exploring its evolution in detail.