Why illustreets

illustreets is unique

illustreets is unique in data mapping software. It is unmatched in its ability to make location data and insights accessible to non-technical users.

Most other spatial analysis solutions are either intimidatingly complex – professional GIS platforms that require a deep knowledge to operate – or frustratingly limited: data visualisation tools with geospatial capabilities added as an afterthought.

illustreets combines powerful, comprehensive functionality with an intuitive point and click interface. It is as simple or complex as you need. It can build entire applications from scratch, generate interactive, filterable map layers, and create dynamic, widget-rich reports.

All without a single line of code.

It is accessible to non-technical users. It speeds up the workflow of technical users. And it dramatically lowers the cost of development.

Streamlined interface

illustreets is uncluttered. Everything can be controlled by point and click, drag and drop. Every element has been tuned for performance. Every element considered for its essentialness.

And it’s no less powerful for it.

Fully featured data products

illustreets can build entire applications. Fully functioning, living, breathing, commercial products, internal analysis tools or anything in between.

And it does it in hours, not months.

Multiple dataset integration

illustreets can take multiple datasets from multiple sources, in multiple formats and amalgamate them, ready for dynamic cross-referencing and intersectional analysis.

And you just have to push a button.

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