Geospatial Demographic Analysis

Integration Hub

The Integration Hub is an initiative to stimulate public conversation concerning the UK’s ethnic integration. A significant component is a collection of interactive maps:

  • Choropleth maps
    Users can quickly see the diffusion of each ethnic population across the country, right down to constituency level
  • Historical data
    The maps offer a fascinating representation across various themes of how ethnic populations have evolved and developed over time
  • Comprehensive search
    Every metric is searchable, drilling down into the fundamentals of diversity indices and population movements across the UK

Compelling in themselves, the interactive maps form a key part of The Integration Hub’s mission, offering easy access to large and complex datasets, ripe for research.

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Geospatial Business Intelligence

Grow London

Grow London is a promotional initiative from the Mayor of London, to encourage companies to invest in the city:

  • Demographics
    Users gain insights into key economic metrics such as population growth, employment rates and economic output
  • Markets
    The essential crib sheet to London’s office market, businesses get a birds-eye view to rental prices, vacancy rates and the characteristic of each borough’s commercial let market
  • Chronology
    From St Paul’s to the Olympic Stadium, a portrait of London’s evolution through its major landmarks and developments
  • House Prices
    Complete with historical data, users learn how much residential property costs where, where’s up and coming, and where the market’s stable
  • Connectivity
    This interactive map shows the extensive existing transport network as well as planned and prospective infrastructure projects

These maps give businesses valuable information that can inform investment decisions, and hopefully incite them to bring revenue to London.

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Big Data Retail Consultancy


Rilos (Retail Intelligence Location Solutions) offers strategic consultancy to retail clients worldwide. The company's SaaS solution, Geomatrix, allows retailers to perform geomarketing and expansion studies independently and instantly:

  • Market size analytics
    Assessment of car and pedestrian accessibility and socio-demographic profile of the area
  • Catchment area analyis
    A strategic expansion solution that helps clients to identify where best to open new stores, by combining market data with the client’s own operation results, clients and points of interest data

These powerful tools are accessible only to Rilos clients, offering a powerful technological extension to their consultancy services, and serving as a tangible asset for Rilos to offer.

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Open Data Exploration

Explore UK

In our own demonstration of the power and flexibility of illustreets, Explore UK combines multiple datasets to build a comprehensively searchable, sliceable, picture of the UK:

  • Where to live in England
    Cross-referencing amenities – transport, schools, food shops – with environmental and social deprivation indicators, plus crime rates and house prices
  • Crime rates in England
    Users can explore violent and anti-social crime rates, broken down by constituency, with comparison to median and full on-click reporting
  • House prices in London
    Broken down by borough, with full historical data back to 2010, users discover how the capital’s property market has developed and where it might go

Explore UK gives users a new perspective on their own country, and serves as a powerful demonstration of the enormous flexibility of illustreets.

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