Build data products

illustreets unlocks the value in your location data.

Without the need for a development team, you can take any geospatial data you own or have access to and turn it into a fully functioning, ready-to-market data mapping software product.

And you can do it in hours.

Use case

Integration Hub

The Integration Hub – a partnership with the Policy Exchange – created a report displaying residential patterns of ethnic integration in the UK.

Designed to stimulate public conversation around integration, this interactive map shows geographic and historical data to show the dispersal and diffusion of ethnic populations over 20 years.

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Import any spatial data
Import any data

illustreets can import any common data format. It can merge multiple datasets effortlessly, from multiple sources.

No time wasted filtering and re-tabulating. No format conversion. No expensive new systems. illustreets gets your data ready for you, not the other way round.

Fast to market
Fast to market

Prototype. Feedback. Iterate.

illustreets is so easy to use, you can respond to feedback with a new version within hours.

Use it to road test ideas, even if using another platform for final development. Or use it to take your idea all the way to market.

Stunning by default
Stunning by default

illustreets is beautiful right out of the box. Its extensive map styling capabilities give you and your customers intuitive spatial data visualisation as standard.

Both the back and front end are responsive. So you can build with your data wherever you are, on any device, and your customers can explore it the same way.

Easy to use
Easy to use

Everything in illustreets is point and click, both for you – the author – and the user: your customers.

If you’re already technical, illustreets will make you faster. If you’re not, it gives you unprecedented access to the tools you need to exploit your data.

Granular user management
Granular user management

Control access directly from your browser. Detailed access controls give you the power to grant free access, restrict it to subscribers or give publishing privileges to colleagues.

Create a freemium model – custom reporting available with subscription – or exclusive B2B access. It’s your data, you decide who gets to do what with it.

Stunning by default
White label

illustreets is completely white label, and completely brandable.

What you build is yours, we’re just here to help you build it.

Request a live demo today and see for yourself what illustreets can do.

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